How to update my proxy configuration?


To update your proxy configuration, follow these steps below:

- Navigate to our clientarea
- Login to your clientarea account (if not already done so.)
- Navigate to your TCP/HTTP Reverse Proxy service.
- Choose our "Login to your Proxy Portal" - This will open a new window to your proxy portal dashboard.
- Select the proxy you wish to edit by choosing "Edit Proxy" on the right hand side of your screen.
- In our Destination IP Address Box, this is your Virtual Private Server Address, that you may have with us also. You can find this by navigating to your clientarea, then your services, then your Windows Virtual Private Service.
- For your Destination Port, if you are using your TCP Reverse Proxy, this will be your service port you may require it to be set to. If however, your service is an HTTP Reverse Proxy, this port will be 80.
- For your Proxy Server, you will get a wide range of locations for your proxy to be located in, bare in mind each proxy will have different layers of attack protection towards incoming attacks your website will have. Please note, an TCP Proxy, doesn't protect your website, this is known as an HTTP Reverse Proxy.
- When are you done following the above steps, you are free to go ahead and click "Update Proxy". This will refresh your current page, if successful, this will show "The proxy has been updated."
- When the message has been shown, your proxy will be ready to use instantly.

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