How do I connect to my VPS?


To connect to your Windows VPS, follow these steps:

P.S This part is written for Windows 10 Users.

- Locate your Windows VPS Login details, this will be in your welcome email, that you received when purchasing your service or through our VPS Manager. You can find a tutorial on how to login to your VPS Manager, also through our Knowledgebase.
- Open "Remote Desktop Connection" through your Start Menu, then navigate to Windows Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection. This can also be found using Cortana, just simply search Remote Desktop Connection and launch the program.
- Once launched, insert your IP Address for your Windows VPS Machine, this will prompt you with an login box, for the "User name" box, type in "Administrator". For the "Password" box, use your server password set by yourself or our default password on installation. This is "Host<Savor>"
- If an prompt box appears asking you to accept the certificate, (an yellow box.) choose "Do not ask me again for this computer" and then click "Ok."
- You are now logged into your Windows VPS Machine.

P.S This part is now for Android Phone/Tablet Users.

- Following up from the previous part, locate your login information for your Windows VPS.
- Unlock your Android Device, and navigate to the Play Store.
- Through the Play Store, search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" This is free and secure, as it's done by Microsoft Corporation.
- Once downloaded, open the application and go through any prompt boxes, that may appear.
- Once on the main screen, where it states the Application is lonely, press the "+" sign, on the right hand side of the Application screen.
- Choose "Desktop".
- For your PC Name, this will be your server's IP Address.
- For the next box, you can either choose "Enter every time" or "Add User Account", making it easier for you just to hit connect. In this tutorial, we will be adding an user account.
- For the User name, this is by default as "Administrator".
- For the password, you will enter your server's password, which will be either set by you on a previous occassion, or our installation default password.
- Once you have done that, you are free to go ahead and click "Save".
- You will now see, the Application has made a box with your server's IP Address on the screen, to connect to your machine, tap this box.
- If an prompt box appears, "Certificate can't be verified", choose "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" and then click "Connect".
- You are now connected to your VPS through your Android Tablet or Phone.

P.S This part is now Macontish Users.

- Following up again, from the previous parts, locate your login information for your Windows VPS.
- Download the program "Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.1" from this link.
- Once the program is downloaded, launch the program.
- Once the program has launched, in the "Computer" box, insert your VPS IP Address.
- Then click "Connect".
- Once pressed connect, an prompt box will appear asking for your credentials.
- For the username box, insert "Administrator".
- For the password box, insert your server password or our installation default password.
- For the Domain Box, leave this as the IP you inserted before. If this is not the same, change the IP to your Server IP once again.
- If an prompt box appears saying the certificate is incorrect, click "Connect".
- You are now connected to your VPS through your Macontish Laptop / PC.

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